Carpet making is an art that has been passed from generations and is still at large. There are various methods of creating different types of carpet. Each of them requires a different style of making or weave-type. A craftsman of a particular technique (type) of making a carpet will not be able to make any other style, as it is entirely a different process. For instance, a Hand-Knotted carpet’s weaver will not be able to make a Hand-Tufted carpet, unless he’s trained for it and vice-versa.

Apart from weave-type, a carpet depends on color, design, pile, quality and material used.

Below are the details of 'Type of Carpets' on the base of their weaving-techniques.

A Hand-Tufted is a high pile carpet. It is versatile in terms of designs and shapes. Making - It’s made manually See more

Flat-Weave (Dhurrie)
A Flat-Weave or Dhurrie is an Indian term for a hand-woven rug or a thin flat carpet. Making - They are woven by interlocking See more

A Hand-Knotted Carpet is considered to be the best of all variations of carpets due to its picturesque designs, high pile, durability and longevity. It’s considered to be the best one among all the other styles. Making - A Hand-Knotted is entirely a manual process. It’s made on a fixed loom, See more