A Hand-Tufted is a high pile carpet. It is versatile in terms of designs and shapes.

Making - It’s made manually with the help of a mechanical tool. As its name is, the strands of wool are tufted (punched) into a stretched fabric that is fixed on a frame with a tufting gun (tool). On the fabric, the design is first outlined with a sketch, which an artisan follows while weaving, and finally a complete design is made. After the tufting, the carpet is then removed from frame, is cut from the base fabric as per the shape of the design, and is backed with other strong fabric which is glued to it, followed by binding of the border. The pile of the carpet is then clipped with a shearing machine (not in the case of loop carpet) and then the carpet is ready.


Average Pile – 0.50 inch (12.7 mm). Is considered to be a high pile.
Average Weight – 2500 GSM
Average weave’s time – 10 square feet per day (by one weaver)
Life – 6 to 10 years
Shedding – High (in case of wool, ceases in a few days)
Use – Indoor only.

How to identify – The carpet is light weighted and the pile is high; your fingers may easily penetrate through the wool. There is fabric backing on the backside of the rug.

Good about it – It has a lesser price in comparison to its counterpart, Hand-Knotted. Has a high pile; takes much less time in making than a Hand-Knotted or a Dhurrie, and can be made in any shape. Good sound absorber - Absorbs the noise and cuts the echo. An absolutely good insulator; traps the heat in your room during winter and keeps the room temperature below during summers.

Not good about it – Sheds a lot for a few days. Has a much shorter life in comparison to a Hand-Knotted carpet or a Dhurrie. Not too water friendly, and cannot be washed (due to its glue backing). Not recommendable for repairing – as its’ major repairs will cost more than its production’s cost.

References - Hand-Tufted Carpets are very popular as they have a thick pile and are cost effective. The carpets you witness at the Banquets, Airports, Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, etc. are generally Hand-Tufted Carpets. Due to its high cushioning, walking or resting on it gives a soft-comfortable & pleasant feel.