Handmade Malai Shaggy Carpet


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Stock No. : 86
Weaving Type : Shaggy
Style/Design : Assorted
Quality : 4200 GSM
Size (B x L) : 2' 10 x 5' feet (87 x 153 cms)
Color (Major) : Green
Pile's Height : 2 inch (50.8 mm)
Weight : 5.460 Kgs (12.03 lbs)
Material : Polyester
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Silky touch, is soft and its high pile provides better cushion.


Care Instruction

Avoid water or any medium of liquid. If spilled with gravy or colour then spot clean that particular area immediately with a damp cloth (use wool’s detergent or stain remover, if required), then let it dry. Do not wash.

Do not pull loose ends, clip them with scissors to remove.

Do not vacuum it hard. You may turn it upside down (or hang) and dust it.