A Carpet enhances the look of your interiors upto 20%. A Carpet to your room is like shoes to a person, whether you've dressed best from top, but people often notice your shoes more than anything in your attire, similarly, a carpet is one of the most noticeable thing in your collections. People have the best marble flooring, beautiful furnitures, etc., but a Carpet is a complete eye catcher. It's been surveyed, that people have noticed or remember a carpet more instead of any other interiors. It's also because the interiors (furniture, paint, tiles, etc.) are common in most of the homes, but a Carpet is unique and attractive; it completely changes the aura of your place.

 Apart from decorating your place Carpet has many benefits - 

Style  - A Carpet adds style to your place. Different shades of carpets blend with your room and make your place look more lively.

Quiet  - A Carpet does not reflect sound, but absorbs it lessening the noise level. External noises are reduced and your room becomes much quieter, also the noises inside the room does not echo. So whether it's your music room, a conference hall, an office or a living room a carpet is pretty useful in cutting the noise pollution and keep you in peace. 

Comfort  - While you take your time on walking the hard surfaces of your house which finally leads to hurting your feet, a carpet on the other hand is comfortable to walk or rest on. 

Maintains temperature - Carpet protects you from cold floor. It also helps saving energy as less heating devices are used when a floor is covered with carpets. Moreover, carpet is an excellent insulator of trapping heat in your room and keep your room warm, and it is contrary if you are in a warmer climate, as a carpet does not allow external heat to enter your room and absorbs less cool air from your air conditioner (as much as your hard floors do) cooling your room quickly.

Safety  - Occasionally, trip-and-fall accidents occur on hard surface floors, not carpeted floors. Feel free if you have kids playing around on a carpet. It also keep your mobile phones or fragile items safe from breaking.

Health  - Carpet traps allergens, dust, and other contaminants, holding them until they can be properly removed by vacuum or proper cleaning. Numerous studies over recent years have consistently shown that carpet is actually more beneficial than hard surface floors for those with breathing difficulty.

Cost effective - While buying a carpet the price might look high but Carpets have a long life and which will led to make it much cheaper over the years.

Easy maintenance  - A carpet requires less labor and energy to maintain or clean in comparison to hard floor and due to this its maintenance cost less.

Best for gift   Whether a festival, a birthday, a wedding or an official party, when it comes to carpet, it's one of the best gift you can give to your folks, as it's useful and stays with them for a long period of time. They can always be grateful and remember you for one of the best gift you gave them as it will always fall in front of their eyes.

Other uses - Running out of beds if you have extra guests, a carpet can play a bed for you. It's portable and can also be shifted to different locations easily. Apart from playing a bed, a carpet can be used for card games, Yoga, long chats, Kids' playground, etc.